Voorhees Investment Corp 231 USA PROJECTS

While excited by the opportunities presented in Honduras and Nicaragua, Voorhees Investment Corp. remains committed to working toward meeting domestic energy needs. The company has developed a portfolio of prospects, primarily in Kansas, that it believes represents millions of barrels of recoverable crude oil. These prospects were developed by extensive seismic surveys, satellite photography, and good old fashioned physical exploration. Over time, Voorhees Investment Corp intends to explore these prospects, develop them through prudent drilling programs, and operate them to provide domestic oil for the country and, of course, income for the company and its investors.

Big wells or small wells, oil is where you find it. Having found it, the next step is designing the right plan to recover it. Mr. Philip Voorhees has been doing both for over twenty years, and still going strong. "People have been producing oil in Kansas for a hundred years," he notes. "Having that in mind, it never ceases to amaze me how much oil still hasn't been found. And, for a wildcatter like me, it makes new discoveries all the more gratifying."